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For those who are serious about male chastity we have designed and produced the BON4 chastity device.
On this website you can find the third generation of the original BON4 chastity cages in different sizes and colors.
Because all our silicone chastity belts come standard with 4 different sizes of flexible back rings it will fit as good as anybody.
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I have had this for about 6 months now and I love it.I is very comfortable to wear 24/7. Once you find which ring fits you the best and get used to wearing it.I have kept it on for as long as 2 weeks 24/7 with no issues.It takes awhile to get used to peeing sitting down, and a little xtra care in cleaning in the shower is required.It is a very erotic feeling being in a constant state of arousal(thinking about it!)and a constant state of semi arosal (phisically)
Ferdinand, December 4/2012

This is very comfortable to wear day and night. I received on a Monday and wore without issue for the next three days. My only issue is that it did not stop me from reaching an orgasm. With a prostate massager and a vibrator, I was able to reach an orgasm in no time. Would like to find something out there that completely stops my ability to reach gold for weeks if not months. I have very little control over my horniness. :-).
Mick, October 24/2012

I have multiple chastity devices. One was just too large, another initially seemed good, but it hurt so bad when I got that morning wood it woke me up, and I would have to ask for it to be removed, and that ended extended wear for that. I believe I have cracked one at the seam (Research shows this to be a common issue) as it pinches when I get hard. The Bon4 on the other hand I am REALLY enjoying so far. I am (surprisingly) using the smaller of the 2, and have had it on for about 4-5 days now, only having it removed once for sex. Read more...
Nick, Canada, September 9/2012

I have the device on now. The mini, that is. Even with my small penis it is very snug, and although I might be able to slip out with some soap and water, getting back in is very hard, even disassembled. As a novice in wearing such things, I was somewhat surprised at the constant sensation, not quite discomfort. Almost like being held and squeezed constantly. The larger size was not secure at all. I found the smallest collar too tight, and the largest one entirely too loose. The second smallest is rather restricting, but wearable, at least so far. (all day.) Read more...
Casey, Philipinnes, August 3/2012

Let me tell you my story on how I got the bird cage... My wife is pretty excited about me being submisive to her, so for about 10 months now, she started to buy new things for me, she first started with a butt plug so I should use it when penetrating her, it felt weird every time we used it, so later she proposed me to buy a chastity belt whit a ring to get your penis out so I cuould use a smaller plug all day long to get me used to it, I felt good and sense we did not use the locks I was pretty confortable, later, one night after sex, Read more...
Jan, The Netherlands July 28/2012

I would have to say by far this is the best cage my wife has bought, it did take some time to put on at first but what I did find out is if you put it on in the shower it went on very easy once it was wet. I also found it easy to wash your cock and balls with it on since the silicone is very flexable and you can wash in all areas with soap and water. Its also very comfortable to sleep in as it will flex and move to the way you sleep which is much much beter the the cb6000 units which I would always wake up in the middle of the night in pain from the hard plastic. Read more...
Cuck, Los Angeles, July 2/2012

This is my second chastity devise and it is great. Using the second from largest ring it barely goes on, but have not slipped out yet with about 14 days of total use. There is no way for me to cum with it on, I tried. Very comfortable to wear and it gives a nice little bulge to my jeans. I move around a lot at work and have no issues besides one, and its not the devises fault. You have to make sure your member is clear to the tip and your pee holee is alligned right, otherwise you can pee on yourself.
W. Whippy, USA, June 26/2012 my boyfriend and I get a little kinky sometimes when in the bedroom...mostly my idea...he'd never been "into" it before, but he'd do anything to get me going...sometimes he seems to enjoy tying me up and having his way because he can do whatever he wants with me. Out of the blue, a while back he asked me if I'd wear a chastity device if he got one. I said sure. Some time passed and we never ended up with one till I ordered the Bon-4 and gave it to him as a gift a couple weeks ago. Read more...
J. Bound J. USA March 16/2012

OMG!!! this thing is amazing, i have had sucsess with ways arond the cb6000, and the steel cage and got off,this thing is such a pain in the ass to get on i dont want my mistress to take it off! i have tried every trick i can come up with to get mysellf of, not gonna happen, very comphy, it works! i am so ready to get off but miss "D" dont come home for 2 weeks, ugh!
Bitchboy, Amsterdam March 2/2012

I have tried a few chastity devices and have finally found one which I feel is perfect. The BON4 is comfortable enough to wear long term for those who are going to take chastity seriously and not just as sex play. I found that the CB3000 ect were ok for short term sex play but after a short time started to become uncomfortable and chafe. Also, if you wish to wear your chastity device long term, some like the cb3000 shows like crazy under clothing.
Firstly I would point out that the BON4 is a bit tricky to get on, much harder than the CB range but with a little practice, it’s soon simple. Read more...
J. Keane, UK, Jan. 4/2012

Awful. can easily slip out even with the smallest ring on. even if you dont have the key it doesn't really matter. the silicone is soft. i could, with little difficulty, cum while the device was on.
Ted, CA, USA, Jan. 3/2012

I'm giving the Bon4Plus, a 4 out of 5. It is very comfortable. I am sure I could pull out of it, but do not think I could get back in. So, in that sense, it does it's job. Mistress and I talked about chastity for a while before She selected the Bon4 for me. I live about 4 hours away from Her. She liked the idea of me being in chastity between visits. Longest lock up has been 21 days. Now doing 10 days before She says I can have a break. She says that starting January 1, I will be locked up for "at least 7 weeks"!! I'd recommend the Plus, because you get the 4 rings and two tubes. This is my first time wearing a device, and not having the keys to it. Years ago, I tried the CB2000 and it was very uncomfortable.
Subman, USA, Dec. 30/2011

The BON4L is simply a great device. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning especially when I tried to put it on. After 2 or 3 times you know how to put it on, use a lub is really the trick. You can pull the flexible silicone cockring of your choice much wider open which makes it all a lot easier. My mistress is crazy about the sexy look of the penis shaped cage, and what she loves I love too! I am wearing the BON4L now for 16 days without any problems and I will mail an update later. I will tell you guys a secret (they will probably remove this text) but I found out later from a friend of mine that if you purchase a BON4 by clicking on a banner from them on the website you get a bon4plus for the same money...
Jorien, Amsterdam, Dec. 23/2011

"well my fiance has trouble with me wanting sex all the time and so i went a got 1 Bon 4plus then she can lock my penis until she wants sex then unlocks it when she wants sex. its so great i love it, every male should get 1"
Jonathan, Belgium Nov. 22/2011

"Just got it, this BON4L is my second device. The first was metal and was too small. I guess I have large balls because I keep reading about other people wondering why they included the largest size. I have to wear the largest and just so I could get one ball at a time through. I was also not happy with the bulk of it. Don't think I will be able to wear in public unless I wear somewhat tight jeans to hold in. Wife is excited sand that's what really counts now isn't it. I don't have a key so why bitch, just enjoy!!!!!"
Will, Uk, Nov. 11/2011

"I recently purchased the Bon4 Plus, I find it superior to the main competitor; it is easier to get on than the one piece offered by Birdlocked, although being two piece and with a potential to trap skin initially, we found that it makes for less wear and tear on the device, we have already ripped one Birdlocked. The Bon 4 is suitable for those of a larger circumference than that offer by others, it is comfortable to wear for long periods and is impossible to remove and replace without unlocking, trust me I have tried. My girlfriend and I would recommend the Bon 4 to anyone who is interested in serious male chastity play."
David, Canada Nov. 10/2011

"I have had the Bon-4 for a little over a month now and my SIR has put me into chastity for the third time now. The first was for 10 days, the second was for 7 days and I am now on day 3 of a 28 day stretch. I guess the good news is that it is pretty comfortable for long stretches of time but it does take some getting used to. The first 10 day period resulted in some very chafed balls and severe discomfort. I learned on the second time in chastity to use some A&D ointment where I started to feel chafing…this has helped immensely and made wearing the Bon-4 tolerable…where you’re not walking around wincing at every step. The key is getting the cock ring sizing correct. Read more...
Sir's Boy. USA, Nov.7/2011

"Very fiddly to put on, don't expect your partner/mistress to put it on for you. I needed to attach a cord to my P.A. piercing and pull it on . Don't forget silicone based lubricants will damage this chastity device. Not as comfortable as you would expect because the cuff ring, although narrower than the 'bird lock' is still quite wide however, it is a little more comfortable at night and when the penis is aroused. The cage comes in two sizes although, I'm not sure who the smaller cage would fit because I even find the larger cage a bit small. Read more...
Michael, USA Nov. 2/2011

"I have tried other male chastity devices, and with all I've been able to manipulate it enough to reach a slight orgasim. Also, at night, with ball shrinkage, I've had both the CB-6000 and one similar to the chrome plated chastity tube slide off. Not with this puppy. My balls usually sit rather tight up against my body, so putting the Bon-4 on is not the easiest thing. Once my balls are through the largest ring, I have to work to push my penis through. Once both are through, and the cage is attached, WOW. I'm stuck. Read more...
Leroy, USA Oct. 12/2011

"Have tried CB-xxxx devices, and now this Bon-4 device. The Bon-4 is the most comfortable to wear, but (sadly, I suppose) even with the smallest diameter ring, I am able to pull out and remove the device completely with relatively little effort. I haven't, however, tried getting back in to avoid possible removal detection. That will be something I'll try soon."
Kees, The Netherlands Sept. 25/2011

"Mp penis is very small measuring limp 2 inches. Finding a chasity device has been extremely difficult. My wife has been controling my penis even before we were married. We have tried several chasity devices only for me to slip out. Since she purchased the Bon-4 I am totally confined. I am totally controled."
Duncan, UK Sept. 11/2011

Brad, USA Sept. 2/2011

"I bought the BON4 a couple of months ago and have used several times. Is difficult to but on compared to other models and the wide ring really puts alot of pressure on the balls. Also had a problem with one ball slipping through if I wore it out in public with all the moving around. This device would be great for someone who has low riding testicles and and average size penis"
Mitt, USA, Aug. 23/2011

"this gives a whole new meaning to the old ball and chain, any man who let a woman control him to that point of submission would get the best blow job ever from me over and over again, this is gonna be a great holiday gift,and tonite when my old man gets home we are doing some shopping..."
Tracy, UK, Aug 3/2011

"Pros: Extremely comfortable Flexible More secure than the CB series belts. Unable to put device back on if escaped Easier to keep sanitary while showering

Cons: Allows stimulation through the device Escapable with a bit of work holes on the side of the head can cause a mess when urinating Slightly bulky, can create a bulge in tight pants (Can be mitigated by pushing the head back towards the ass) Ive had this device for about 3 weeks now and I've only been out of it for 1 day during that time. I've been able to do all of my normal daily activities with this device including some very close dancing (without detection!). Overall it's a very comfortable device and a good value for the money."
Karmic, Germany, July 21/2011